Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]


Why the name Longlane Farms?

 We live in a community between Newberry, SC and Whitmire, SC called Long Lane. The name derives from the fact that there was a long straightaway on Old Buncombe Road that cut through foothills in this area that was excellent for bedding down at night with livestock on the way to markets in eastern or western South Carolina. Rumor has it that Lincoln came through this area prior to the Civil War. Old Buncombe Road runs right through our farm in a roughly east/west line. 

Why goats?

 Honestly, we like to eat goat and don't understand why more folks in America don't. The meat is nutritious and has a flavor similar to beef with a hint of good venison or slight lamb/mutton, depending upon the age of the goat at the time of slaughter and the way the meat is handled post-slaughter. Goats are easy on the land (narrow hooves don't compact soil as badly). Goats are smart, curious, social creatures that are pleasant to have around and manageable in terms of size and demeanor. 

Why kiko goats?

 Kiko goats are a New Zealand native. They seem to have higher parasite tolerance, a strong will to live, possess keen mothering instincts, and have an intelligent temperament. Our job is to preserve our goats' genetic diversity. We'll achieve this by neither over-breeding them, nor interbreeding them with inferior breeds of goats. This is a tall order but worth doing, as the world's population increases and more efficient meat producing methods are required. Goats often produce more meat per pound than most other livestock, with less waste, and goat meat tends not to be as bland as most beef or pork. 

Can I visit the farm?

 Please contact us for further information. We are in the process of gearing up for agritourism. We look forward to welcoming school groups, tour groups, and eventually plan to have additional offerings connected to historic Newberry and our amazing Newberry Opera House.